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My Families Top 5 Haldi Mehendi Mistakes [Infographic] 

  1. Not enough cars - My out of town relatives were all accommodated, but we did not have enough cars and drivers to take them out between the big events.
  2. Scrambling for Bollywood music - We all had Youtube on our phones, but we ended up searching for music more than dancing to it.  
  3. Who is going to the airport? - This was the number one question when it can to picking up and dropping off all the relatives. We really didn't have a designated driver for that purpose.  
  4. Everyone wants to cook - This was a blessing, it was nice to have all the family contribute during the events, but sometimes there were too many chefs in the kitchen. 
  5. Not enough chairs at each home - We had some chairs that we would bring over from home to home, but we didn't have enough for all the company.  

In the end, all the weddings were spectacular, and everyone had a great time!

My Families Top 5 Haldi Mehendi Mistakes [Infographic]

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