Using Dollar Shave Club Canada After 3 Years [Story & Review]

Dollar Shave Club Canada - A six picture collage of the 4X "The Lover's Blade" showing the cartridge, handle, packaging and paper cartridge case.

The Story

The reason for going with DSC was simple, price and convenience. I was paying a pretty penny for disposable blades from the local Safeway, and I always seemed to run out before a wedding or an important DJ gig. I first heard of them through their funny commercial (Bottom of the page), and I really enjoy their fresh style, funny one-liners, and catchy educational blogs. After my first purchase with the handle, each package comes with a cool cardstock flyer of great stories, a thank you cover box and the four blades. I use the 4X "The Lover's Blade," and all in, it's $6.83 including tax CAD recurring from the time of this post. Looks like it's all perfect? Let's dig into the review and see how it's been going.

Dollar Shave Club Canada - A four picture collage of the 4X "The Lover's Blade" showing a close up of the cartridge, handle and blade.
After four to five consistent shaves.

The Review

The Cons

  • I only got about three close shaves out of each blade, after that, they would get dull, and I would have to shave the same spots on my face a couple more times then I would like. 
  • The outer rubber on the handle is difficult to clean. 
  • Price works out to $1.62 more or less per blade before tax which is high for three great shaves. 

The Pros | Benefits

  • They run everything from their own site which I love because I know it's not a knock-off product.  
  • I like the culture of Dollar Shave Club. 
  • The aloe vera strip and all of the other blade tech feels great. 
  • The handle is very durable. I only replaced it once because it was accidentally thrown out. 
  • Having blades shipped to my home each month is very convenient. 
  • The handle clicks in and releases the cartridge with no wear.   
  • I have never returned any blades in three years. 

Would I repurchase it?

Would I recommend it to a friend?

Dollar Shave Club Canada - The 4X "The Lover's Blade" package.
Here is what the package looks like when it gets to my house.

Dollar Shave Club Canada- The 4X "The Lover's Blade" shipping package, four cartridge blades, paper case and card stock flyer.
Here are the blade cartridges, paper case, and cardstock flyer.

Here is a great video of the 4x "The Lover's Blade" in action. This video is based out of Canada provided by +Titus Vlog Space. No affiliation.

I'll sign off with +Dollar Shave Club 's famous commercial below on +YouTube

The 4x aka "The Lover's Blade" and Handle
Click the link above to check out more specs and details from Dollar Shave Club.
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