Honeywell Heat Bud Personal Heater After 4 Months [Story & Review]

Honeywell Heat Bud Personal Heater (White) behind an apple.

The Story

I usually work in the basement, and besides my obsession with always having an electric heater around, I find that most of them die out over a short period of time. In ten years I must have gone through dozens of red coiled monsters and until this day I haven't found one that is reliable. This winter, out of passive desperation, I needed to replace my Sunbeam electric heater from Walmart. My main issue was size, I didn't need anything that felt like I was bringing home a fireplace, just something small that creates heat and durable. The search was mundane, but the find was the Honeywell Heat Bud Personal Heater. My first impression was Honeywell, and one of the droids from Star Wars had kids.

Fast forward over four months...

Honeywell Heat Bud Personal Heater - A four picture collage of the front face, fan intake, tip over protection safety, and high | low controls.

The Review

Honeywell Heat Bud Personal Heater (White)

The Cons

  • The fan's strength is pretty low. 
  • The white electric cord could be a bit longer, but no big deal. 
  • I found the low-level setting to be almost ineffective. 

The Pros | Benefits 

  • So far, very durable. I have accidentally kicked it over a few times, and it's running great. 
  • The resistive coil is working excellent with no overheating.   
  • Small, cozy and aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Does the job for small areas. 
  • The fan is quiet. 
  • The tip over protection is not crazy sensitive on uneven surfaces and hasn't jammed or malfunctioned. 
  • Cools down fairly quickly after use. 

Bottom Line

For the price, it's doing fine. I'm not entirely sold on it, and if it lasts a year, I'll be pretty impressed. 

Would I repurchase it?

At this point, YES

Would I recommend it to a friend?


I found a great unboxing and review by GPVlog on +YouTube  (No affiliation)

Here is a video of the Honeywell Heat Bud Personal Heater directly from +HoneywellStore

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