Cool Cartoon DJ Birthday Card on Zazzle [Story & Review]

Cool Cartoon DJ Birthday Card on Zazzle - A picture of a dj greeting card on top of a platter of the technics sl-1200 turntable

The Story 

I would like to take you to the beginning of an entrepreneurial journey that started in 2005ish. The sun was out, the birds chirping, and in the ether of thought, the idea of destiny came to me, well sort of. "Ryan! you should open up a DJ school!" The idea simmered like beef stew in a slow cooker, my eyes lit up like that annoying guy with his high beams on, and as my index finger reaches up to touch my shaven face, the phalanges snap together, and the sparks began flying through the top of my head. I attained two cousins that would help out, and we found a convenient location at the back of a driving school. Why not, the experience was enjoyable. First people come in and learn to stop at a stop sign, then at the end of driving class, music lovers would file in and fire up some turntables putting their hands in the air like they just don't care. It was the perfect out of the box idea. Next, was the branding. What artist could come to the rescue and create a cool enough logo that every man, woman, and child could see on every flyer? Well, his name was K-Man for short, and he created this amazing colorful DJ logo for us. K-man has moved on to some cool stuff, click here to check out more of his work.

Fast-forward over 10 years...

After twists, turns and bumps in the business road, I decided to retire and look out for other entrepreneurial adventures. The logo found its use as a greeting card which has been very successful on Zazzle. Before that, it was sitting on my hard drive doing nothing. Let's check out the review of the final product.

Cool Cartoon DJ Birthday Card on Zazzle  - A dj greeting card on top of a light brown hardwood floor.

The Review  

The Cons

  • I went with a matte eggshell finish which was the wrong choice for this design, it doesn't pop at all. Should have gone semi-gloss. 
  • The card was too thick, and because of that, it stayed open when laid flat on a surface. No big deal.  
  • I went "economy shipping" which provided no tracking number. The shipping price bumps up for a tracking number. 

The Pros | Benefits 

  • Printing is excellent.
  • Cardstock is durable, no complaints with the card quality. 
  • Zazzle provides envelopes and a discount flyer in the shipment. 

Would I repurchase it?

Would I recommend it to a friend?

Cool Cartoon DJ Birthday Card

Click the link above to see the product page for specs, pricing, discount deals, and shipping info on Zazzle. I'm an associate of Zazzle, and I may earn a commission off the purchase of this product with no additional cost to you.

Here is a cool video of the greeting card production process from +Zazzle

My 4 Worst DJ Mistakes with Solutions


I avoided writing anything down on paper, why? I'm a DJ, not a paper collector. This was my number one stumble. Check out "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill to help with that. It's also in audiobook format for you listening lovers.  


I was always shy at heart, hence why DJing was so fun, not much talking at all. Later in my life, I realized though, I had to develop stronger social skills and learn how to talk to people. Learning this skill was essential. Get to know the book "How to Win Friends & Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. It's also in audiobook format.


I was always on the grind jumping from gig to gig and spending the money just as fast. My biggest struggle was having no understanding of the universal laws of money. "100 Unbreakable Laws of Business Success" by Brian Tracy is a great start.


With no real goals, drifting off when doing tasks was a common occurrence. I would focus energy on ineffective DJ duties such as downloading 50 remixes I would never play or try to produce, remix and practice routines all at once. The book "The 80|20 Principle" by Richard Koch came to the rescue much later in my DJ life.

I'm an associate of Amazon, and I may earn a commission off the purchase of this product with no additional cost to you.

My 4 Worst DJ Mistakes with Solutions (Infographic)
My 4 Worst DJ Mistakes with Solutions (Infographic)

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