Funny Coffee Type Mug on Zazzle [Story & Review]

Funny Coffee Type Mug - A white coffee mug with bold words that say "Ryan, two sugar with a little milk."

The Story

Ok, let's paint the picture here. It's an October fall day in Canada, and Thanksgiving has sprung up like a stubborn cork that popped out of the bottle. The cold wind brings a sudden rush of ever enthusiastic relatives ready to find places to sit in the house and eat a big fat turkey from Safeway. Towards the table legs are little nieces and nephews running around playing tag, the prayer of Thanks gets said, and you have an uncle that cuts turkey like a boss. Now it's time for the cascading oceans of tea that everyone needs to sip on while devouring pumpkin and apple pie for dessert. Out from the white wooden cupboards comes 20 plus tea cups, coffee mugs, and glasses to help facilitate the thermal thirst of tea bags and boiled water. Three aunts have diabetes, one uncle doesn't take sugar, eight others are politely listing off their tea types as you run back and forth between the living room, the kids Indy 500 hallway race track and kitchen.

The problem is, of course, too much tea information that no one remembers. The solution may be this mug. No need to purchase 20 cups but, I would say this may come in handy to ease the encyclopedia of coffee and tea types out there in the world of family.

Funny Coffee Type Mug - A four picture collage of a funny coffee mug that says "Ryan, two sugar with a little milk."

The Review 

The Cons
  • The only con I could think of regarding the product itself was the mug was a little boxy making it look more industrial. No big deal though. 
  • You will need a fast internet connection for Zazzle's platform. Mine is average, but when I got family streaming TV, smartphones, and an iPad all running at once, this can be an issue. 
  • Designing on Zazzle's platform wasn't too complicated, but there were some features I didn't really understand.
The Pros | Benefits
  • 100% customizable. 
  • The quality of the mug is impressive, making this a memory creator down the road.  
  • The extended handle keeps my knuckles far away from the hot cup.
  • The printing on the mug is solid, I use it every day and many washes later, it's pretty much the same. 
  • This can definitely be used for anyone who has a health issue such as diabetes. For example, the mug may read, "sugar-free with a little milk."  

Would I buy it again or recommend it to a friend?

Funny Coffee Type Mug on Zazzle 

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If you need a hand with Zazzle's creative platform, check out this tutorial on their Youtube Channel. 

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