Vintage Beginner Texas Hold’em Poker Cards on Zazzle [Story & Review]

Vintage Beginner Texas Hold’em Poker Cards - A four picture collage of poker cards.

The Story

I enjoy playing Texas Hold'em poker for fun, but learning all the poker rankings was overwhelming and confusing. We would have poker at a friends house, and I would stop the game every couple hands to ask questions and sometimes I would just wing it to keep it fun. My biggest problem was the need to see the poker rankings at all times. Some decks had a poker ranking card provided, but 99% of the time I was sailing at sea alone and the wind just kept on coming. The solution came up with Zazzle's custom playing cards. I put together a straight forward design and added a wood image behind everything to make it more vintage. Let's see how everything went.

Vintage Beginner Texas Hold’em Poker Cards - A four picture collage of Zazzle playing cards.
A four square collage of playing cards being used in Texas Hold’em poker.

The Review

The Cons
  • The cards are meant to be read face down on a surface. If you're holding them in your hand, it's a pain in the but to read the rankings. This happened when my family was on vacation, and they lost interest quickly.
  • The card ranking suits were a little small to read, but it wasn't a real big deal. 
  • The card stock started to bend up over time. Could be better. 
  • Expedited shipping to Western Canada was the only option on Zazzle's platform, which increased the price. 
  • The customizing process can get complicated on Zazzle, I recommend checking out some of Zazzle's tutorials if you are a beginner. Click Here for Zazzle tutorials. 
The Pros | Benefits 
  • Encourages people to learn, play and cut down the smartphone time. 
  • Easy to teach people in larger groups with little disruption of the game's flow.
  • The poker ranking text font is easy to read.

Would I buy it again or recommend it to a friend? 

Vintage Beginner Texas Hold’em Poker Cards on Zazzle

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For fun, I thought I would leave you with a Texas Hold'em basics video provided by

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