Is the AmazonBasics Backpack for DSLR Cameras Any Good? [Story & Review]

AmazonBasics Backpack for DSLR Cameras  - A closeup of the AmazonBasics backpack for DSLR cameras behind a colourful building.

The Story

Shopping for photography bags can be as painful as showing up to the 3D movie and forgetting to wear the fancy glasses. I was looking around online and in stores for a couple months. The big issue was price and size. I didn't really need a big fancy high tech photography bag with a hefty price that would make my intuition scream "Dude! Get out of the store!" or "Ryan! That's the same price as a plane ticket! The storm clouds looked like they were not moving until I saw the beam of light by discovering AmazonBasics. First off I didn't even know Amazon made anything let alone small compact photography bags. The decision was pretty quick to click.

Fast forward over two years later...

The photography bag eventually turned into my laptop | blogger bag. Let's see how it did in the straight up review.

AmazonBasics Backpack for DSLR Cameras  - A four picture collage of the side pocket, zipper, back padding and second inner compartment.
AmazonBasics Backpack for DSLR Cameras  - A three picture collage of the inner compartment and tripod holder.

The Review

The Cons
  • I'm not a fan of the fluorescent orange Amazon branding on the plastic zippers. This may bring attention to the bag when traveling. 
  • The side pockets are a bit small. 
  • The pocket flaps attach with a small piece of velcro leaving small openings on either side. No peace of mind putting anything in them unless it's insignificant. A zipper instead of velcro would have been perfect. 
  • If I'm wearing light clothing, the extra healthy back padding made my back heat up over time which was not good for long walks on warm days. 
  • The hip belt straps dangle down a bit if not tied up properly. No big deal. 

The Pros | Benefits 
  • Compact, will easily fit in small places such as overhead bins, small trunks and backseat leg areas of cars.
  • The second large compartment adapts to a slim 13-inch Macbook Air. 
  • The main compartment's removable inner paddings and velcro are strong. 
  • Headphones, cords, cameras and a small mic fit perfect. 
  • The bag itself is very light conserving weight while walking. 
  • All the zippers still work fine. 
  • No unexpected rips or tears from the nylon/polyester exterior. 
Check out the quick unboxing by Digital Bear Productions (No affiliation) 

Would I buy it again or recommend it to a friend?

AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras
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