Emergency Insulin Fridge Magnet on Zazzle [Story & Review]

Type One Diabetes Fridge Magnet on Zazzle - A four picture collage of a round magnet with a bold word that says "Insulin."

The Story

My sister recently got diagnosed with type one diabetes and adjusting to the new change has been one of my families top priorities. A couple of significant changes that happened immediately was the storing of sweets at all times and having back up unused insulin in the fridge. The location for the backup insulin needed to be displayed visibly, so anyone who came over had an idea where it was. I headed over to Zazzle and put together this fridge magnet. Let's check out how it did.

Type One Diabetes Fridge Magnet on Zazzle - A scale photo of the magnet slightly larger then a canadian quarter.

Type One Diabetes Fridge Magnet on Zazzle - The magnet in the palm of a hand.

Type One Diabetes Fridge Magnet on Zazzle - The back of the fridge magnet.

The Review 

The Cons

  • It's too small, I would bump up the size because we have kids everywhere with curious reaching hands on family gatherings. It could be a possible choke hazard. 

The Pros | Benefits 

  • Peace of mind
  • Awareness for any guests that may be in the kitchen.
  • Stands out despite its size.
  • It's easily removable which keeps the fridge sticker free. 
  • The magnet is strong. 

Would I repurchase it or recommend it to a friend?

No, I would bump up the size then recommend it.

Emergency Insulin Fridge Magnet

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