Classic Bloomfield Industries No. 29 Potato Cutter After 30 Years at Home [Story & Fun Review]

Bloomfield Industries No. 29 Potato Cutter- A two picture collage of the Potato cutter.

The Story

Let's paint the picture a little bit. I'm a kid sitting in the family room watching Three's Company a couple hours after a long day at school. In the hallway of distance, I hear "Ryan! Do you want french fries!" My day suddenly turns from boring to mind blasting excitement as my sister and I rush to the eighties looking kitchen very enthusiastically. My mother picks some store bought potatoes and then, from the darkness of the wooden cupboard pulls out this large heavy cast iron industrial looking contraption that we would use to make french fries with. I would grab the potato unpeeled, pull back the blue lever and watch the potato slice through the square cutter blade.   

Fast forward 30 years...

Today we almost never use it, but I finally began to ask the simple and the most straight forward question that no one in the house seems to be asking. "Where did this massive thing come from?!" The answer dates back to my father's grocery store in the eighties, and that's all she wrote. I discovered it was a company called Bloomfield Industries. It looks like their still around specializing in modern coffee makers and supplies. 

Bloomfield Industries No. 29 Potato Cutter - A four picture collage of the pushing plate, iron foot and cutter blade.
Bloomfield Industries No. 29 Potato Cutter - A four picture collage of the cast iron handle with the engraved number 29, cutter blade and pushing plate.

The Review 

Bloomfield Industries Potato Cutter 

Take this review with a smile, these are made for places like restaurants, and I'm basing it off household use.    

The Cons

  • No comfortable places to grip and carry the cutter.  
  • It was mostly used on the floor, the long lever needed to be pushed downwards.
  • Not easy to clean, too cumbersome and big for household sinks.  

The Pros | Benefits 

  • We have never needed to repair it. Keeps on cutting fries. 
  • The cutter blade is surprisingly still pretty sharp. 
  • The pushing plate is still aligned with the cutter blade. We have never had to adjust it. 

Would I repurchase it?


Would I recommend it to a friend?

Yes, if they needed it for commercial use. 

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