BAXIA Solar Security Light Review

The Story We had a couple of interesting characters running around at night taking things from our yard, so we decided to try out these solar-powered motion sensor lights from Amazon. We placed individual backyard items toward the outer gate making them easy to take, unfortunately. After a little innovative yard thinking, we put two lights on either side of the main door, high enough so no one could tamper with them. We then placed everything in the sensors range.

The Review BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Wireless Security Motion Sensor Solar Night Lights (2-PACK)

The Cons Small defect after shipping - One of the sensors looked to be pushed in ever so slightly. Small Range - The sensor range is about 9 feet every way.  Not ideal for vinyl siding homes - The only issue we ran into was trying to keep the vinyl siding "hole free." It took a couple days to find the perfect hook running around from Home Depot, Rona, and Wal-mart, but we finally found one also from Amazon called the "No Hole…

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Blackrapid Camera Sling Review with Picture Collages

The Story I purchased my first Canon EOS Rebel 3ti DSLR camera in the mountainous terrain of Juneau, Alaska in 2012. I was performing a seasonal contract with Princess Cruises, and I missed a great photo opportunity of the Margerie Glacier located in Glacier Bay. I go into further detail in a post titled "Canon EOS Rebel 3Ti Camera After 5 Years [Story & Review]." Ok, the strap provided by Canon was simple, padded and fit over the neck with little comfort. When I would walk to and from the port, the camera strap would weigh down on my neck, and over time, I would have to take it off or try to wear it like a cross body sling, which didn't work out. The journey takes me back to the mall of malls in my neck of the woods, specifically, West Edmonton Mall, to one of the only photography stores in phase one. The walk through the mall phases is an enjoyable experience. The stores are conventional with standard retail shopping windows and smiling staff inside. The floors gl…

Djing with the Blue SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Cable After 2 Years [Story & Review]

The Story In the DJ world finding good reliable equipment is a difficult task, and this is no exception when it comes to USB cables for hard drives. Let me paint the picture. The summer night is blissful with the soft, warm wind blowing and the sound of birds in the distance. I head to the bus stop with my undiscovered cheap USB 2.0 cable ready to make happy people step in random directions while looking around. In simple terms, dancing. I show up to the semi-dusty DJ booth, with a gleaming, shiny midi controller and iMac, I then plug-in two essential DJ elements, the hard drive, and USB cable and fire up the Serato DJ software. The sound was a success! Music everywhere, everybody is smiling! Ok, then around 12:30 a.m. as we all party rock to the craziest beats, in the vibration of bass, all we hear is "Biggie, Biggie, Biggie can't you see, sometimes your screech, screech, screachhhhhhhhhh hypnotize me. I look down at the flashing buttons on the controller, everything looks …

Navy Blue Kuzy Keyboard Cover After 2 Years [Story & Review]

The Story The original purpose for a keyboard protector was dust accumulation from DJ booths and the added security against that dreaded splashy drink. The search was quick, and I made my final purchase on Amazon from a brand called Kuzy. I had high expectations because the MacBook keyboard protector I owned before was fantastic, but +Kuzy Products wasn't that cozy over time.

Fast forward two years later...

The keyboard protector ended up being used every day, and I only took it off to do some quick cleaning. It held up in the beginning, but it actually started depreciating in the last three months or so. Let's head over to the review below.

The Review
The Cons The blue silicone cover diminishes most of the backlit light from the MacBook Air which makes it a pain to use in darker areas.  The blue printing eventually stamped itself on my MacBook display, it did come off after a quick cleaning.The Extra slim silicone skin started to warp and separate from some keys over time. It …

Honeywell Heat Bud Personal Heater After 4 Months [Story & Review]

The Story I usually work in the basement, and besides my obsession with always having an electric heater around, I find that most of them die out over a short period of time. In ten years I must have gone through dozens of red coiled monsters and until this day I haven't found one that is reliable. This winter, out of passive desperation, I needed to replace my Sunbeam electric heater from Walmart. My main issue was size, I didn't need anything that felt like I was bringing home a fireplace, just something small that creates heat and durable. The search was mundane, but the find was the Honeywell Heat Bud Personal Heater. My first impression was Honeywell, and one of the droids from Star Wars had kids.

Fast forward over four months...

The Review
Honeywell Heat Bud Personal Heater (White) The Cons The fan's strength is pretty low. The white electric cord could be a bit longer, but no big deal. I found the low-level setting to be almost ineffective.  The Pros | Benefits  So …

Cool Cartoon DJ Birthday Card on Zazzle [Story & Review]

The Story  I would like to take you to the beginning of an entrepreneurial journey that started in 2005ish. The sun was out, the birds chirping, and in the ether of thought, the idea of destiny came to me, well sort of. "Ryan! you should open up a DJ school!" The idea simmered like beef stew in a slow cooker, my eyes lit up like that annoying guy with his high beams on, and as my index finger reaches up to touch my shaven face, the phalanges snap together, and the sparks began flying through the top of my head. I attained two cousins that would help out, and we found a convenient location at the back of a driving school. Why not, the experience was enjoyable. First people come in and learn to stop at a stop sign, then at the end of driving class, music lovers would file in and fire up some turntables putting their hands in the air like they just don't care. It was the perfect out of the box idea. Next, was the branding. What artist could come to the rescue and create a …